Meet The Owner

My name is Lisa L. McNair and I would like to welcome you to my world.

Just to tell you a little bit about myself – I am a daughter, wife, mother, and hopefully a friend to a whole lot of people. I was raised in a very small family. (Only Child) I spent most of my early childhood on the road with a family business called McNair Amusements. It was there on the road that I became a people person – I learned the right and wrong of people – I learned how to treat others – and how to earn a friendship, even trust.

I personally like to do quite a few things — things like swimming, fishing, skiing, riding dirt bikes, dune buggies, and sure love to be around children and animals of all types.

I was made to go to school at a very early age of 4 (kindergarten) and then to first grade at the age of 5. I decided to go ahead and finish my high school career in the 12 grade as a graduate of Greater Atlanta Christian School in 1981. It was then that I found out how dumb I really was so you guessed it on to that college career – David Lipscomb College in Nashville, TN. The College finally got enough of me and tossed me a diploma in 1986. I still felt the need for a little more training so I went to Auctioneers school and become one of the first female auctioneers for automobiles. I figured if I was going to run my mouth that I should just go ahead and get paid for it. It was an awful lot of fun!! Along the way I had to figure out how to drive an 18 wheeler so I could help my father with the family business. I also decided to go ahead and get my pilots license so I could have just another view of life – I do like to substitue teach to keep up with what the kids are getting into nowadays, however, I have assisted folks in the HR department.

I learned that there was something on the road that I could not legally drive – you guessed it, a school bus, so I did go ahead and get that license as well – for quite awhile I drove routes for Walton, as well as Rockdale county – doing both jobs for 2 different counties left little time for my own family business so I brought bus driving to a halt – especially when I learned that one of my riders was packing pistols in his book bag –

I decided that maybe I could give back what the Lord had given me – I could teach individuals how to drive and pass the CDL classification – I do this for the satisfaction of seeing folks attain a goal that they have set for themselves.

Back on June 7th 1995 we had a very bad accident to happen in our family – there was a plane crash, and my mother who was the pilot -along with 5 others lost their life that day, and sure changed mine!! I just about became a basket case. I was down on the world, I hated life … I could not figure why everything that I cared for was gone – I lost my mother, (best friend besides my dad), my aunt , uncle, twin cousins of 4 years of age, and a great uncle – whom was a State Representative of Georgia, C.J. Powell. God was against me I thought – After quite a bit of time I decided to have a little talk with God and ask what it was with life that He wanted me to do – It came back in 2 totally different directions than I had ever imagined – 1 being real estate – I received a phone call from a man whom I had known and he told me of a friend of his that was about to lose his home – well one thing leading to another I bought the house from the man – saved his credit – got a good deal – and was able to help a young family just starting out obtain their first home!!

That was all it took – I could take out my frustrations on cabinets and floors and walls and still help people obtain their stepping stone to their dream house. It was an answer – and a good one – to this day I have put several hundred families into their first home and helped many others with their dream homes, investment properties and commercial acquisitions! What a great feeling!!

I hope that I can help or at least show you a direction in the real estate world!!

As I have stated before, I do have a passion for animals! These wonderful creatures that God has given us sometimes need a forever home for whatever reason, and I have had the privilege of being able to purchase about 100 acres with my home in Loganville, GA. I and my family and a lot of volunteer help along with a massive amount of prayers, have turned our place into a rescue farm – where we are able to do tours and birthday parties and whatever else that includes animals and carnival type activities.

My Companies are:

Carousel Properties – real estate

Camp Carousel – for animals

Our Motto is: ” Life Continues to Turn….”