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Adopt a Pet

If you have always dreamed of having a pet, but for some reason, it's just not a good idea at your home - Well, we can help!  

You can adopt a pet here at Camp Carousel!

The animals all live here at Camp Carousel - but you become their caretaker!

This means that you take care of them 90%...

You feed, groom, bathe, clean, and most of all love these animals.

We have a merit system worked out so that with a $25 fee -you receive complete hands on instructions for specific animals (your choice) - that animal becomes yours for at least 1 month - longer if you prefer - once you feel the need for change, or add more then the process starts again - each accomplishment receives a certificate of completion!

Animals and habitat will be judged at the end of each month with a ceremony.

Lots of fun!!

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Just Call-


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Anyone want to help beautify hiking/walking trails?


We want to create hiking trails- we just need your help!

Dog Adoption


I have black lab young dogs that are needing a home!



Goat area is next project!

 Definitely need help building a playground area for our goats!  Need supplies as well as ideas and hands on construction!